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Message is a support group for English-speaking parents and parents-to-be living in or moving to the Paris region.

Registered in France, Message is governed as an 'association loi de 1901'. 

We invite you to answer a few questions to see whether you might meet our eligibility requirements.

Do you live in France? (required)
  1. I am welcome to attend any Message event, no matter the location. I am welcome to host a meeting near me, and I understand that the geographic area closest to me may have few in-person events. 

  2. I am welcome to be part of the online community.

Message primarily serves residents of Paris and Ile-de-France,  and our area of coverage is as follows.

Do you have children?
Are you pregnant or adopting?
Are you moving to Paris/ IDF?
Do you Have Children?
Are You Pregnant or adopting

Status message

×Thank you for your interest in Message.

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